03-03-2015 Heksler

Heksler is a simple tool for OSX to slice and export videos. It is designed for speed and features cut detection functionality to jump directly to the next cut in a video clip. It is build with openFrameworks and uses FFmpeg for video processing.

Check out the website or download the application directly on github. Feel free to alter the code and check out the repository here.

Heksler v. 1.0

04-01-2015 New: albertina.ch

Just completed the website for Gina Bucher, journalist and writer. The site is using Rokfor as its content management in combination with the Rokfor Web extension, Jade templates, Sass and Bourbon.

Design: Naima Schalcher
Code: Urs Hofer
Framework: Rokfor

04-01-2015 Seismographic Sounds

I'm currently working on a big LED screen for an upcoming piece using the Automatic Cinema Software in combination with a music video stock. The installation will be a part of the Norient exhibition called «Seismographic Sounds».

The installation will produce an endless music video clip based on a multi dimensional keyword system. More to come!

Hardware & Code: Urs Hofer
Video Stock: Norient

Sofa, So Good.

14-12-2014 New: Automatic Cinema

Just completed the website for the Automatic Cinema Project. Although the software is not and will never be completely finished, it is currently in running condition, at least on OSX and Linux.

The purpose of Automatic Cinema is to generate narrations based on a geometrical keyword system.

Design and Code: Urs Hofer
Framework: Rokfor
Typeface: Cinetype, Rafael Koch & Mauro Paolozzi